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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It has a fibre like structure that makes it perfect as a form of connective tissue, meaning it literally connects bone to bone and bone to muscle, as well as being a major component of bone, skin, muscle, tendons and cartilage. Given Collagens abundance in the body, as well as its apparent benefit in alleviating joint pain and supporting skin health and appearance, it makes sense that quality collagen supplements have quickly become a staple in many people’s supplement regime. The problem is that not all collagen supplements are created equal. DY Nutrition’s Collagen Complex powder is combined with other ingredients that, together, produce a greater overall effect on the joints, as well as the connective tissue, the muscle and skin.


Responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity, our brand new Collagen Complex contains 10g of premium collagen protein per serving along with Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium and more. As you age, your existing collagen breaks down and becomes harder for your body to produce more. Here’s where our Collagen Complex comes in.

Protein helps to increase and maintain muscle mass and strengthen bones.

Zinc and selenium help maintain healthy hair and nails.



As a food supplement, mix 1 serving (15 g) with 250 ml of cold water and take it during the day between meals


Store container tightly closed between 5-30°C (41-86°F). Keep away from direct heat, moisture and sunlight. Do not store for more than 6 months after opening.



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