Zoomad MOONSTRUCK 480g ZERO (stim free)


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Moonstruck® ZERO, from Zoomad Labs, uses the same formula as our bestselling ‘Lunático’, but is stimulant-free, with an added 1g of AKKG and 1g of citrulline. This all adds up to provide 10g of nitric oxide, which helps maximise muscle congestion and vascularisation during your workouts.

You can now take the best pre-workout on the market, knowing that you’ll get the most out of your late-night training session, and that you’ll sleep like a baby afterwards.

Too late to take your ‘lunático’? Now there are no more excuses. Moonstruck® ZERO is here to make sure you always train at the same level, no matter what time of day. Welcome to our zoo!




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